1. 23:24 12th Oct 2013

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Submitted by Alisha

    Submitted by Alisha

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    Anonymous asked: Hey I have a problem. I'm a guy and I like my friend (a girl). We've been friends since December 2011 and my friend (who's a guy) started dating her in January 2012. They went out for 8 months then broke up. In may 2013 I told her I liked her and she said she feels the same way. Idk if I'm doing a bad thing by liking my friends ex even though we've been friends for almost 2 years. Can you give your opinion on this? Thanks

    Talk to your friend (the guy) maybe? See if he has a problem. It’s not your fault because we usually can’t change our feelings for someone, no matter how hard we try. If you both like each other, then I would recommend not letting your friend’s feelings get in the way

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    Anonymous asked: Tell me honestly are looks important to women or is personality key.

    Depends on the woman. Personally, to tell you the truth, I will start off being more attracted to a good looking guy, but if they do not have the personality that I like then it wont last long. I got with my boyfriend because of his personality more than his looks though.

  4. Anonymous asked: Do you prefer a fat 6 inch or skinny 8 inch?

    Long and skinny

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    Hey everyone, just wanted to say sorry for the amount of asks I’ve been posting but I have been finding it difficult to get time to come on here any more and I don’t want to ignore any of you! Also if you have given me an ask and I didn’t answer it then it is either something I have answered before or it will be answered soon. 

  7. suprstrngtxsman asked: Are you a woman if so can I get a pic of you?

    Yes, no

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    Anonymous asked: Just turned 18. Wanna see something? ;)

    If you wanna show it ;)

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    Anonymous asked: So what's the most amount of times you've had sex in a 24 hour span?

    I didn’t count! It was heaps of time though cause we were on a dirty weekend

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    Anonymous asked: Size or endurance? Which is more essencial?

    Neither, skill is the best quality

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    Anonymous asked: if I submit a picture of my hard cock would you post it?


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    Anonymous asked: theres i guy going to a party that i really want to fuck, how can i make sure that i fuck him without completely throwing myself at him?

    Idk just flirt with him and see where it goes. If he has a bit to drink then that might help

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    Anonymous asked: what's the biggest cock u ever had?

    I think it was around 10”

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    Anonymous asked: How do u kno when a guy want to fuck

    Usually they get a tent in their pants

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    terboranger asked: Okie so I have a dilemma, I have a friend and we both are super comfortable with each other he's seen me naked (on pics of course) and lately I've been having the urge to fuck him. We've talked about it and say to eachother that it's bound to happen sooner or later but I really want it to happen soon. What should I do? Like what's the easiest way to say "let's fuck like tomorrow"

    Well, you could be really out there and say something like “I’m horny wanna help me out?” or you could make like subtle hints or something