1. 07:13 10th Dec 2013

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    Anonymous said: I want to fuck my gf, but I also want to fuck my best friend (a girl) ik there not open to 3 somes. Idk what to do. I can tell my bestfriend is into me and wants to, but I'm madly in love with my girlfriend.

    Well unless you dont want your girlfriend in your life anymore I would advise not having sex with someone else

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    Anonymous said: I really wana fuck a girl so bad but my girlfriend isn't ready. Your blog gives me the urge.

    Yeah well we all want stuff that we cant have sometimes

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    Even if I have small boobs haha

    Even if I have small boobs haha

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    Anonymous said: Leave her the fuck alone! She doesn't have to know everything about sex for fuck sake. If you're just going to be here, scroll through her Tumblr and judge then go get a fucking life. Good for you if you know about a woman's vagina. wow! congratulations! (hence the sarcasm) I personally love your Tumblr. Turns me on all the time. Thank you for making this Tumblr.

    Thanks for backing me up

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