1. 16:33 6th Jun 2014

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    Anonymous said: Have you ever posted your pictures over here, like secretly?

    No love.

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    Anonymous said: Do you speak spanish?

    Yes I do :) I speak English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese  :D

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Please. ❤️

I am not expensive!



    Please. ❤️

    I am not expensive!

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  10. 15:51 1st Jun 2014

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    Anonymous said: Is it weird that a guy masturbates every day ?

    No, that’s pretty normal. 

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    Anonymous said: I hope im not being disrespectful but do you swallow when giving head???

    I have before but I don’t really care for it. I’d rather swallow it than it be on my face or my clothes or bed lol. 

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    Anonymous said: What is your wildest sex fantasy?

    I have waaaaaaaaaay too many for that lol. 

    But my favorite is probably like a little towards the dom side. I really want one day for my boyfriend to come home all annoyed from work and without even saying anything just take off my clothes and be assertive. Lorrrrrrrrd that’s so hot it’s not even funny. That’s not very wild though lol. 

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    Anonymous said: Hey I am the mother of four kids!! Before I had kids (oldest is 17) I used to be able to orgasm through penetration alone!! Now that I am 48 the only way it seems that my husband can get me off is through cunnilingus (oral) and it can take up to and hour for me to orgasm!! He is a particularly patient giving loving man to do this for me!! We want to try new things to see if some could work any feedback would be appreciated!!

    As you age, you lose sensitivity down there and it becomes increasingly difficult to reach orgasm with penetration alone especially after children. After you bear a child I’m sure you know it’s not the same down there lol. But congratulations on still being sexual after children, especially four! You hardly see that anymore in today’s society :/ But maybe the two of you can have some alone time to spice things up. Watch porn together, walk around naked, do something adventurous! Go out and have a nice time just the two of you. Adrenaline does help with orgasm and now that you are older, it’s going to take more than just penetration or even oral alone to reach orgasm because of how less sensitive everything is down there. Hope that helps a little :)

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    Anonymous said: Hi! Which is the normal duration of the sexual act? Or the duration you think is an optimal one... By the way, I love your blog... you're really selective... like it ;)

    Thank you darling, glad you’re enjoying! :D

    Really depends on the both of you. Some people last minutes, some last hours lol. Not everyone is the same so there really isn’t a “normal” time frame. The national average (US) is five to seven minutes though.