1. Anonymous said: falas português? o que sabes dizer? :)

    Sim, eu falo português. Não muito, mas o suficiente para manter uma conversa.

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    Anonymous said: i have to ask. it's normal to a girl masturbate many times? do you do it?

    Of course it’s normal love. Perfectly normal. And no not really, every now and then but my boyfriend and I are like rabbits lol so he mostly takes care of my needs. 

  3. Anonymous said: speak Portuguese?


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    Anonymous said: Hey! I was wondering if there is any place where I can get porn where they are having sex on a girl's period?

    Ouuuuuu sorry love I don’t know any to my knowledge. You’ll probably have to google that kind of category. 

  5. Anonymous said: Which one is youre favorite position?

    I don’t really have a favorite lol I like them all :D

  6. Anonymous said: When I load your page on my mobile I am inundated with pop ups and redirections to other sites. I can't see your page anymore on my mobile. It seems to be just your page as I can load other tumblr pages with no issues. What's going on?

    Yes I know some asshole sent out a spam that I reblogged -_-

    But everything is working smoothly now. 

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    Anonymous said: I have no idea what I'm doing on your blog when I'm on my period.

    Very common to be more horny during menstruation than off. No worries babe.  

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    Anonymous said: where are you from? and how old are you?

    I’m from Dominican Republic and I’m 20 years old :)

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    Anonymous said: no submission?

    Nope I turned it off.

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    Anonymous said: I really want to be in a sexual relationship with my ex. He already has a new girlfriend and we hate each other....What should I do?

    Stay away from them until they break up, if they do. Being a home wrecker is never cool, cute, or classy. 

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    Anonymous said: Is it weird that I'd rather not have a guy rub my clit? It doesn't actually feel that good to me, I'd rather have them actually finger me.

    WOW FINALLY SOMEONE JUST LIKE ME. No that’s not weird at all I’m the same way. 

  12. Anonymous said: Do you like anal

    It’s okay lol. I used to like it a lot more than regular sex though. 

  13. Anonymous said: I really miss you on here!

    Sorry love I missed all of you! :’((( But i had to get that whole malicious hacker off my tumblr and now everything is running smooth and back to normal! :D

  14. Anonymous said: So... one of the most famous tumblr sex blogs is from a fellow dominican! ;-) I'm so proud of girls from my country :D Also, Do you live in DR?

    Ayyyeeeeee thank you lol. No unfortunately I don’t live in DR anymore :( I used to when I was young; I was always going back and forth for school and stuff so my parents decided to stay in America. I grew up in Villa Altagracia. 

  15. Anonymous said: Vives onde?

    En Florida.