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    Female Performer: Teanna Trump
    Male Performer: Rico Strong
    Movie/Video Title: Monster Cock Hardcore Sex With A Brown Bunny
    Studio: Bangbros
    Release: 2014
    Link: HERE

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    Anonymous said: what do you think about anal?

    Feels pretty awesome lol. Kinda tricky in the beginning but the pleasure is pretty intense. At least for me. For a while I liked it a lot more than vaginal sex and now it’s pretty even between the two. 

  3. Anonymous said: Do you have a personal blog?

    Yes I do but for my privacy and protection I don’t give it out. 

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best porn blog ever
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    Anonymous said: Have you ever posted your self naked?

    Online no but my boyfriend gets lots of those lol. 

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    Anonymous said: I wanna fuck my girlfriend how should i tell her?

    Bluntly lol. A lot of people say girls are more sensitive and you have to be all romantic and stuff but I say when it comes to sex, be blunt. It’s super attractive and in a majority of the cases, it’s a huge turn on. Obviously if your girl isn’t like that then just bring up the topic and go from there. 

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    Anonymous said: My boyfriend always wants me to suck him off but he never wants to eat me out, what do I do? Just let it happen or just don't?

    If it makes you feel some type of way let him know he needs to be fair and give some in return, not just receive. 

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