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    Anonymous said: Hi :) May I know what is your nationality?

    Hello :) I’m 100% Dominican :D

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    Anonymous said: Have you ever had sex with a random guy from the street? Because today a really hot guy came up to me and have me his number and said call me if you want to have some fun....

    No not someone off the street that I completely didn’t know. To be honest that sounds a little creepy that he’s being so forward so quickly.. That’s really dangerous to have sex like that and it could lead to a multitude of problems. If I was you I would throw that number away… 

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    Anonymous said: are you a guy or girl?

    We’ve gone over this guys, I’m a girl lol. 

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    Anonymous said: Hi Penis size metters ?

    To some it does, to others it doesn’t. Personally, I don’t think it matters. 

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    Anonymous said: What is a rim job?

    Oral stimulation of the anus. 

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Taste my moan as you thrust your throbbing cock deep inside of me…


    Taste my moan as you thrust your throbbing cock deep inside of me…

  13. Anonymous said: Hey, first of all, I really like your blog ^^ And also, I would really appreciate if you could give me an advice... Me and my boyfriend have been talking about having sex outside, it just sounds like an exciting thing to do. So my question is, do you know what's the "best" way to do it? Like, place, position etc? Thanks! ^^

    There really isn’t a “proper” or “best” way to have sex, it’s whatever you and your boyfriend find comfortable and are comfortable in doing. If you are planning on having sex outside, I would suggest trying to find the most private spot you can find just because it’s more intimate and you’re least likely to get in trouble. If you’re looking for a little more excitement, I still suggest trying to find the most private place you can find just to avoid getting in trouble. If you live in the US no matter what state you live in, there are laws and regulations against public nudity and public sex so just be as careful as you can and play it smart. It’s very likely you’ll get into heavy trouble, it’s really seen as more of a public disturbance but in some states there are fines that you have to pay and that’s pretty annoying. 

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    Anonymous said: is it weird.. that sometimes when i don't feel good I just want my fiancee to slowly and gently make love to me? i feel like thats a weird way to be comforted when you don't feel good.. idk

    Holy crap I thought I was the only one o_o Personally, I think it’s perfectly healthy and normal to use sex as a way to cope. Everyone has their own way of dealing with issues and sadness and I think sex is great, healthy way to release built up emotions. However, depending on it TOO much, just like depending on anything too much, can become problematic so it’s best to find other ways of releasing stress. 

    Like me for example; for a long time I used sex as a way to comfort my problems and although it felt great for the time being, after it was over, that empty feeling always came back. I still do it every now and then but I seriously would recommend finding other ways to help with any problems that you’re experiencing. Like reading a book, taking a long bath, going for a walk, exercising, listening to music, drinking tea, playing with a pet, etc. All of those are great calming agents that can really help your mind and body relax.