1. 00:43 2nd Mar 2014

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    Anonymous asked: Hi I don't know if you can help me but here's my problem : I often have sex with my boyfriend but I never reached vaginal orgasm. So I was wondering if you could give me any tip ?

    Stimulation varies from person to person. What could work for you may not work for others. Most women do not reach orgasm with just penetration alone. It takes a little bit more stimulation in other parts of the body and the clitoris seems to be most common area. 

    Give it a try by rubbing it in circles while penetration is also taking place. If not, you just have to play around with your likes and interests and see what pleasures you the most. 

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    Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm 26 years old. I'm still a virgin cause I haven't met someone I really wanna do it with. Is it too embarrassing that I'm a virgin? :/

    No that’s not embarrassing at all! You should take pride of your body! And good for you, not giving in to this sex dominated world and actually having sex with someone you willingly choose to want to have that experience with! That’s honestly very brave and beautiful of you, I envy you :’) 

    When you feel 1000% comfortable, physically and mentally ready to have sex with someone you feel 10000000% comfortable with, I really hope it’s magical for you :)

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    Anonymous asked: is it normal to have hair around my boobies? im a girl haha

    Yes lol. I have that too *high five* . Most women do.

    But if you notice heavy hair growth while you’re not on your period, you might want to visit the doctor to check your hormone levels. 

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    Anonymous asked: how does it feel having a dick inside you?

    Words can’t really describe the feeling lol. It feels different for everyone.

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    Anonymous asked: Your gifs are so sexy!!!! Could you post a few gifs of girls being fucked in high heels and lingerie. Major turn on!!!

    Sure, whatever comes up on my dash.

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    Anonymous asked: Hai, I'm 15 and I sucked a dick for the first time last night and I kinda wanna do it again.. is that bad?

    No I don’t think it’s bad, I just think you’re a little young for that. Obviously I’m no one to tell you how to live your life or dictate what you do but if you are going to start being sexually active, educate yourself and practice safe sex every time even during oral.

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    Anonymous asked: Im really attracted to girls physically and I get turned on my lesbian porn loads but Im not attracted to girls like in a relationship way. Im confused, am I bi or not?

    Honestly, however you want to classify yourself is up to you. You could be going through a phase or are seriously just starting to become more attracted to women but I think that if you’re aroused from lesbian porn, you have to be attracted to women. Whether or not it’s sexually or just physically, I don’t think it’s right to say you’re straight but enjoy lesbian porn. 

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    Anonymous asked: I'm 14 and I think REALLY dirty things is that bad or weird????

    Nope, I don’t think that’s weird. In my opinion, I just think you’re a bit too young.

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    Anonymous asked: Sometimes I get the feeling that my boyfriend just likes me for my boobs and ass since that's ALWAYS what he talks about, is this bad??

    In my opinion yes. You should never have to doubt yourself in a relationship. He shouldn’t be talking about your just your body but you in general. The minute you start having doubts, it could go nothing but downhill from there. Talk to him, ask him how he feels about the relationship, ask him where he sees it going, future plans etc. Depending on his personality since you know him better than I do, his answers will answer your question. 

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    Anonymous asked: i've been with my boyfriend for 3 and a half years and we haven't had sex- we're both virgins. when we do have it....will it hurt? what can i do before hand to make it so it'll be enjoyable and not hurt/bleed

    Really depends on yourself love. Everyone is different, for some it hurts, for others it doesn’t. Some bleed some don’t. All depends on your body. Just try to stay as calm as possible and try not to worry or overthink because that could cause you to tense up making the sex unenjoyable and even painful. Just let things occur naturally, don’t rush. Prolonged foreplay and other things like oral can help you loosen up and become lubricated which helps with penetration. 

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  12. Anonymous asked: I've had sex with two guys with completely different penis sizes and I've tried to "ride" both if them and i cant. I dont know how. I could barely handle having sex with either of them. They're both amazing, dont get me wrong, but i feel like i cant last long enough for guys and i feel as though it turns them off in a way. i just wanted to know if you had any tips.

    I seriously suggest a visit to the doctor. If the sex is extremely painful for you that could be vaginismus or a variety of other things.

    Sex is more mental than physical believe it or not. Try relaxing and taking deep breaths before and during to keep you calm and let yourself enjoy the pleasure. Riding isn’t hard but it’s pretty tricky the first few times, so practice helps. (not saying go practice on a whole bunch of dudes, pillows work nice lol). But if not, and it continues to be painful, I would seriously recommend a visit to the gynecologist. 

  13. 23:57 1st Mar 2014

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    Anonymous asked: So I'm 17, I've been with my girl for 2 years now. We've done some stuff but not like fully on. I've gone down on her before but we were only able to for about a minute before we had to stop. Is there any technique I should use that pleasures her the most??

    Just ask her lol. Play around with some things and see what the both of you like. I promise watching porn has so many pointers and useful ideas lol. Try watching a porn together and try out some new things. Just as long as you both mutually agree and are both comfortable :)

  14. Anonymous asked: I am a 40 year old virgin, and am depressed about the fact i have never had sex. Is it too late for me, as I am concerned even if I do meet someone, no one will accept this fact?

    There’s no need to feel depressed love! You are perfectly fine! Your body is a sacred temple and when YOU are ready and comfortable, you have sex. Whatever reason it may be, it’s YOUR decision to do whatever you want with YOUR body. 

    No one should care about what you choose to do with your life and your body. It’s not theirs, it’s yours. So whenever you’re ready physically and mentally, you can do whatever you wish.

  15. Anonymous asked: i'm 16 and i lost my virginity to my ex boyfriend. when we were doing it at the time i did love him but for some reason after it i didn't really feel attached to him like everyone said i would. like i know i did it with him cause i was really comfortable and i loved him. is that bad? lol idk just want an opinion :(

    No I don’t personally think it was bad but to me it does sound like you weren’t emotionally ready to have sex, at least not with him. Sure you love him but look at what you said; you LOVED him, you DID love him. Past tense. Whether sex is a casual or long term, relationship, friends with benefit, it’s really about how you connect with the other person. Maybe you just wanted to get it over with? I don’t know but it really does sound like you were over him and just wanted to have sex just because. I mean I could be completely wrong but I really feel like you didn’t really think this through and just had “one of those moments”

    That’s how I lost my virginity :/