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    Anonymous said: I'm a girl and every time I masturbate I get sleepy so I fall asleep right after. So I don't clean down there until the morning. Is it bad to keep it like that all night?

    It’s that’s normal to get tired or sleepy after any kind of sexual activity. Um I do think however if it’s interfering with your personal hygiene, you should probably prioritize when you masturbate. It’s no big deal that you don’t clean down there after but sometimes discharge can get smelly after a few hours and when it dries, it can cause a little irritation (makes you itchy) so just to be safe and to avoid anything, I think you should just wipe with a wet towel or hand towel after. 

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    This. Now.


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  4. Anonymous said: Your page is literally the hottest page ever (;

    Thank you my love :)

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    Anonymous said: hey i'm 20 and still a virgin. I'm kind of normal looking and socially akward cause i was bullied for a long time. So i asked a friend to sleep with me, cause no boy liked me ever, he agreed but started laughing when he saw me nude. It hurt really bad and i thought about doing plastic surgery do you think it's a good idea? cause it's really expensive. i'm desperate why would nobody like me? maybe you can help me?

    First of all, I am terribly sorry you had to go through that :( Bullying is the worst; absolutely the worst. I hope one day soon you can come to realize that nothing those people say or do to you defines you. You are you, and you are perfect the way you are. A beautiful person put on this Earth for a reason, just you alone; there is no one on this entire Earth that is like you. Please remember that. 

    Second, I hope you discontinued your friendship with that “friend” of yours. That wasn’t cool what he did. I know for myself personally, when I’m nervous I tend to laugh in inappropriate situations and maybe that was his case that he was nervous about having sex but I didn’t get that vibe off of that. He could have at least tried to hold it in because that must have felt to be frank, pretty shitty. I hope you brought this up to him to let him know that that wasn’t okay for him to do and how it made you feel. Regardless of if you’re just strictly friends or more, you should let him know how that made you feel.

    Plastic surgery to me is a waste of money. Obviously you know, there are times when it’s necessary like in accidents or to make corrections NECESSARY to your body. But other than that, I think it’s just kinda whack. There are A LOT of risks to plastic surgery but hey you know, if you’re willing to take that risk and are HONESTLY AND TRULY wanting to get it then talk to a surgeon and figure out your options.

    I don’t think you should let your past define you. You were bullied? Show those people they were WRONG about you. Show them that you’re bigger than what they are. And as for your “friend”, I strongly advise ending that “friendship”. It’s not worth the pain and suffering that you go through when you have so much potential and ability in this world to be anyone you want to be. 

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    Anonymous said: How come you don't have an icon picture?

    I don’t feel it’s necessary.

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    Anonymous said: after seeing your account all I want is rough sex not all the time just when hes mad or frustrated so its golden every time You made me dirty...

    What’s life without being a little dirty? ;)

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    Anonymous said: Is it normal for a guy to bust so fast like in 5 minutes

    You’re lucky to even have it that long! Lol no but seriously, that’s pretty common. Really depends on the guy himself and his level of self-control. Some guys can’t hold it for that long so kudos to you my friend :D