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    Anonymous said: Hi. I'm a lesbian virgin and I'm alittle bit worried on what, uh, 'cum' tastes like. I've never went down on my girlfriend because of this fear, can you help me?

    I’ve never tasted female “cum” before so I can’t tell you what it tastes like. But the taste of orgasm depends on diet and hormones. Big meat eaters are more zangy and bitter compared to fruits whereas it’ll be sweeter. In general, I don’t think either would taste good anyway but all depends on her love. 

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    Anonymous said: Hey!! So like my clit is not sensitive at all is that normal??

    Yes there are plenty of woman who receive little to no type of simulation in their clitoris and that’s very normal. Hormones, overuse of vibrators, birth control pills and a variety of other things can lessen the sensitivity.  

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    Anonymous said: I have had a vaginal orgasm once or twice with a vibrator but never with a penis. The only time I'll ever orgasm with my bf (I've only been with him) is when we do anal. Is that weird?

    Nope, where you receive pleasure the most is up to you and your body. Nothing weird about that at all. 

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    Anonymous said: Hey! So I have a question, before I masturbate, have intercourse I feel like I have to pee. Is that normal?

    Maybe you’re just really excited or nervous. If this happens EVERY TIME before masturbation or intercourse I would go to the doctor. It doesn’t sound alarming though, it’s probably just your nerves and hormones clashing together. 

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    Anonymous said: I'm 19 and in my first relationship that involves anything sexual and to be frank i'm pretty bad at sex in general. The only reason i feel like this is a problem is because our sex drives are already different and the fact that i'm so inexperienced doesn't help. i feel bad because i feel like i bore her sexually and then end up seeming sexually needy almost. Anyway, I guess you could just say i'd like advice on how to approach the situation.

    I would suggest watching porn together and trying out different positions since you said you both have different sex drives. When two people are trying to do their own thing while having sex, it tends to clash together and that’s not a fun time. Sex can be tricky it takes a few tries to get the hang of it, and even then, every time you have sex will be different. You’re both going to have to compromise and come to a mutual agreement on where you both are having fun and where you both are getting what you want. But again, just try some things out, you’ll never know what you might end up liking and vice versa for your partner.

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    Anonymous said: Is it normal to be scared to show a girl your dick if it's small

    Yes it’s normal to feel nervous but it probably won’t make you feel any better. From a woman’s perspective, if some dude was nervous about taking his clothes off or hiding, I would either assume he doesn’t want to have sex or he’s hiding something. When you have confidence in yourself, even if you’re faking it, it mentally boosts you up a little. And when you have confidence that rubs off on others. Until you’re more comfortable with your body, I would suggest keeping your dick in your pants. 

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    Anonymous said: I've found amazing ways to pleasure myself lately that feel better than what I have always done before, but I've been afraid to let myself orgasm with these methods (vibration on my clit) because every time I get close..... I feel I'm going to pee.... Why is this?

    I’ve never really “orgasmed” before but from research and testimonies, that’s what it feels like; Like you’re about to pee. Your bladder is fairly close to your g-spot and in some areas the walls are thinner than others. It’s been said that when your g-spot is simulated and that part of your body is thin it “tickles” if you will, your bladder causing the feeling of having to pee. There really isn’t a concrete, solid answer on why it feels like that because everyone is different and everyone has different bodies. But so far, that’s what has been said. Most of the time, urination won’t come out, it’ll be a more clear liquid and that’s what people call squirting. 

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