1. 20:46 19th Sep 2014

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    Anonymous said: I want to have a threesome but my gf is not up to it

    Then respect her decision. If you try having a conversation with her about opening up to the idea and she still says no, no is no bud. 

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    Anonymous said: Hi! I hope you can give me some advice! I'm a girl and I have never tried anal. I am more afraid of like the gross stuff (having him pull out and seeing shit) than the pain. Has that ever happened to you? "/ I don't know how I would respond if that happens I would be so embarrassed! Please help me haha thank you love <3

    Myths my dear. Fun fact of the day: your ass is actually cleaner than your mouth LOL. Your mouth’s germs are more potent than your anus but obviously that doesn’t mean that anything that comes out your ass is cleaner than your spit because I know one of you smart asses are going to come at me with your obnoxious comments -___- But no hon, you have nothing to worry about in those kinds of circumstances. I’ve done anal a few times and it’s nothing like that. It’s really overwhelming pleasure especially if it’s your first time so if/when you do go ahead and try it, make sure you’re relaxed and calm. Tensing up and being stressed makes it harder and more uncomfortable for penetration. SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. 

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    Anonymous said: I'm conscious about my penis 😔 it's only 7 inches long

    I’m sure you’re fine, that’s over average in the U.S :)

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    Anonymous said: hey, I have girlfriend, we are together 3 years and sometimes I ask her to have sex with somebody because it gives me big pleasure to me when i see someone having sex with my girlfriend, it happened two times and it was amazing... is this normal?

    Yes honey of course. I personally thing that’s pretty hot and takes a lot of self-control to watch your significant other have sex with someone that isn’t yourself so kudos to you my friend :) 

    As long as you understand her wishes and and you two are on a MUTUAL agreement on this arrangement and she’s not just doing it for you because that’s not right or fair. 

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    Anonymous said: I believe my 13 year old girl is masterbating. Is it normal at that age to start or should I do something

    It’s a normal age to start questioning and wondering about sexuality especially in this generation where the ages for everything are getting lower and lower, but I’m not a parent nor do I know how you parent so it really depends on you. If this is something that really upsets you, try talking to her. Talking to your children about sex, not pushing them to try it or to stay away from it, but generally speaking to them about sex, marriage, masturbation, sexuality, really does influence their decisions. Coming from a house where sex was never spoke of, my mother still doesn’t know I lost my virginity let alone that I’m sexually active and it’s been 3 years. So I really think you should sit her down and have a general discussion about sex, STI’s, the works. It’ll let her know that you care about her decisions and having an open relationship with your kids where they aren’t afraid to come to you for anything should be ideal. 

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    Anonymous said: My bf just broke up with me after 9months of being together, I'm heartbroken but I want to try out being friend with benefits. Do you think that's a bad idea?

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I don’t think it’ll do you any good nor benefit you in any way. Try being friends first, if you can handle that. It’s kind of difficult being just friends with someone you share feelings with imagine making things even more complicated by having sex. I think it’ll just confuse the both of you even more so I would really suggest trying to move on and if you REALLY need to keep that relationship going, maybe try being friends firs before you complicate things. 

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    Anonymous said: is it normal for girls to be horny all the time ?

    Yes babe. I’m convinced girls are hornier than guys 100% of the time lol.

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    Anonymous said: So I learned something, getting cum up your nose, burns. I don't get why guys think it's got to dump their load on my face, any other suggestions for where they should put it?

    Anywhere you find necessary. It’s really up to you and you should make it a point to express your wishes with whomever you have sex with. 

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    Anonymous said: how do i find someone to have sex with? i'm so social but everyone at my college is weird :/

    Trust me, it’s worth the wait. The more you go looking for something, the harder it is to find. When you let things come to you, you’ll be a lot happier. 

    A little piece of advice so I don’t act so much like a mother lol. Try going somewhere you enjoy by yourself. Maybe to a coffee shop, or a library, a movie, out to lunch, anything you find interesting; you are more than likely going to find someone who is just like you, and there you go, someone who shares some interests with you. 

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    Anonymous said: My boyfriend says I'm "loose" and that I'm not as good in bed vs his ex, but that he loves me more. However he blames his porn addiction on me, and says its because I'm not super skinny and I'm "loose" what do I do?

    Why would you want to be someone who speaks to you like that? Someone who “loves you more” would never compare you to someone else let alone use negative terms towards you. Classic signs of a verbally abusive relationship, I seriously suggest you get out as fast as you can. Unfortunately, if anything has ever happened to you, please don’t feel the need to stay and please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at       1-800-799-7233.

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    Anonymous said: Do you watch porn? If you do what is it?

    Rarely. I don’t really have time. I try to watch new things so I can inform myself but the majority of the time I watch to learn how to do it lol. So I don’t really watch one thing in specific, I watch a variety of things. 

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    Anonymous said: I'm wondering. Is the tip of the mans penis the most sensitive part on him? Cuz my boyfriend literally gets submissive when I just barely touch it.

    It really depends on the man himself but yes usually the tip is the most sensitive because that’s where all the nerve endings are located. Some men don’t really feel it too much because of their foreskin covering it but once erect, it’s easier to feel. As he gets older, he’ll get used to it and it won’t be so sensitive. 

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