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    Anonymous asked: Ok, my yonger sister are wathing porn ewery day. I will not tell my mom, or something. But my sister is 14 and she is waching this a lot. I can't just go to her room and say stop it. What shuld i do?

    That’s exactly what you can do.. But that’s around the age most young people start exploring and questioning their sexuality, looking for who they are. Just keep an eye on her, make sure she’s not doing anything too crazy. Try to talk to her about numbering down how often she watches since she is pretty young and there are several things that can come up from her knowing all these things at such a young age. Just keep a sharp eye out for her and try talking to her about it. 

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    Anonymous asked: hey :) i was wondering what your views in masturbating is... As none of my friends to it and they find it really gross i have tried it but afterwards i felt so guilty and dirty is this normal? is there anything i can do?? thanks xx

    WHO CARES WHAT YOUR FRIENDS THINK! Chances are they’re doing it themselves -_____- It’s extremely normal and healthy to masturbate. It’s a great stress reliever and beneficially to your health. If you want to do it, do it! You really shouldn’t even be discussing that with your friends seeing as how personal it is :| Don’t let their views on something alter your decision. However if you genuinely don’t enjoy to do it or like it then that’s different. Be your own person love, do whatever makes you happy and keep the opinions of others out of your life. 

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    Anonymous asked: i am 25, girl and still a virgin. my biggest issue is that i think i am bi. when i saw videos or gif, i am more attracted to boobs and vaginas. i am freaking out because i dont think this is normal. please help me!

    Relax babe, you’re fine! And very normal :) You honestly won’t know until you test the waters and see what you like but there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to women. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to men. Your preference is whatever YOU want it to be.

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    Anonymous asked: 18 year old girl. Always horny, i love my boyfriend, but he's not sexual at all! Whenever I try to get him in the mood he doesnt want to. Like sometimes he does and we do have sex but how do I make him want it?

    Tease his ass! Make him see what he’s missing; dress up in sexy outfits, be more playful, ask him what turns him on and do it randomly, get him in a good mood.

    But honestly if he doesn’t want to, you should respect his choice and just drop it. When he’s ready, he’s ready don’t force him. 

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    Anonymous asked: hey, I am confused... Why my boyfriend likes to biting me while he's eating me? and why he likes to have sex with me, when I have menstruation? Is it normal?

    Sounds like you got a kinky one lol. Yes babe, it’s normal, it’s just his preference and what he likes. But if it makes you uncomfortable tell him to stop and be firm about it. Don’t let him continue to do things that you don’t like, put an end to it. 

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    Anonymous asked: I shaved my vaginal area and I got razor bumps. Now I'm afraid for my boyfriend to see my vagina bc I'm afraid he might me grossed out...

    I hate razor bumps omgggg -_____-

    There are creams specifically for that but I wouldn’t suggest using them because it’s best to just leave that area alone; they’ll go away on their own. Razor bumps are natural it’s not really that big of a deal, you nor he should care. 

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    Anonymous asked: Hello so ummm one of my boobs is noticeably smaller then the other and it's embarrassing. I always worry what guys are thinking when the see them or just notice it. Should I worry or do most guys not care?

    The majority of most guys don’t care. It’s very common and normal to have one breast smaller or bigger than the other. 

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"Mmm daddy, I’ve been waiting all day for you to come home" - things I want you to say just before unzipping my jeans…


    "Mmm daddy, I’ve been waiting all day for you to come home" - things I want you to say just before unzipping my jeans…

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