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    Anonymous asked: im scared to have anal sex, my friends have told me horror stories about "poop accidents" it completely creeped me out. but my boyfriend really wants to try it any advice?

    I have yet to hear about these “poop accidents” -_____- 

    But if you’re uncomfortable with the idea, don’t do it. It’s really not that big of a deal. I really wouldn’t suggest just trying it right away, maybe watch some porn, research about it, get comfortable with the idea. And then when you reached that point that you’re willing and COMFORTABLE with giving it a try, try it out. 

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    Anonymous asked: I have horrible gag reflexes so I hate giving blow jobs during sex because then i just feel sick the entire time during sex. Is that normal..?

    I think it’s normal to some extent. That’s a pretty normal side effect from messing around with that area but feeling sick for that long is raising a little alarm to me. If it makes you uncomfortable and feeling sick, stop immediately and maybe drink some water. And if you don’t like giving blowjobs, don’t. 

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    Anonymous asked: Hello! Okay. My "boy thingy" and I have had sex over ten times. I'm a big girl, but he's not bigger. Sometimes I'll say some girl is really pretty and he'll be like "she's too skinny." He says he's fine with me or whatever, but the thing is, he never calls me pretty or beautiful or things.. Is that bad? Maybe he just doesn't want to.. (I mean, honestly, I know I'm not pretty, nor am I close to it, but idk, I just kinda want him to tell me I am; is that rude to be like?.)

    I don’t think it’s bad but if you two are at the point where you’re just friends with benefits or even just casual sex, it’s not really fair to him. Because in my opinion, I think that’s like asking him to be somewhat of boyfriend material. You get what I’m trying to say? Like at this friends with benefits stage, you two probably thought each other were attractive and kept it more on the physical side than mental. So now for you to want him to do more mental things than physical, you’re bargaining a little more than what he offered. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing and who knows maybe you two will go further into your friendship. It’s not rude for you to want that, I just don’t think that if the two of you are willing to go further into the friendship, just staying friends with benefits, you’re not going to get what you want. 

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    Anonymous asked: hi (: im an 18 year old guy from austria ( so sorry if my english is not perfect :P ). i have a gf an we have sex frequently, about 3 times a week. but theres a problem. she always gets open wounds, doesnt matter how much spit/lotion/etc i use or if i fuck her hard or be carefull. its just so annoying cause we both have sex way to less but we cant fuck more cause shes injured all the time. PLS GIVE ME SOME TIPS! :( ps. she went to the doctor! amazing blog btw!

    A doctor is more qualified to give you advice than I am, but I would suggest doing what he/she said. You probably want to lay off of sex until her wounds heal just to avoid any unnecessary infections. And I’m sure you don’t want to continue having sex when every time she gets some kind of cut. So staying away from her genitals for a while until everything is healed is probably the smartest route to take. 

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    Anonymous asked: So... I'm 23. And I have a problem that makes me sort of "afraid" or "nervous" to have sex. Though I think about it a lot. I'm often single a lot longer than I am in a relationship. (Not sure if this is the cause of it or what). But in the past I have had sex at least 8 or 9 times and every time it felt like my first time. Everyone I know and I heard this before says "it hurts the first few times" well it hurts for me every time and I'm not a virgin. But it feels like it. I feel very embarrassed

    I think you’re really just psyching yourself out, worrying about nothing. Sex should be fun and beautiful, you shouldn’t have to think and stress about it. I would suggest focusing on yourself and laying off of sex and relationships. It’s ok to be single love, for however long you want to be. Don’t let this sex filled society stress you out or put pressure on you. When you’re physically and mentally ready to be in a relationship, go for it. And when you’re READY to have sex, go for it. You should feel relaxed and excited to have sex, not feel like it’s a chore that you have to worry about. Take some time out to work on yourself before investing in others. Sex is more mental than physical so when you’re stressed and tense, sex is not going to be fun, probably painful. 

    But I am a little concerned about sex being painful every time if it’s been over 8-9 times. I would suggest a visit to the gynecologist just to make sure everything is ok.  

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    Anonymous asked: Whenever I have sex I'm always self conscious about my nipples because they aren't perky and sexy like I want them to be. They arent exactly pepperoni haha but they aren't tiny and hard. during sex I rub them to make them hard. Do guys care?

    I’d say a good chunk don’t care at all. Boobs are boobs, nipples are nipples. I didn’t really like my nipples either cus they were flat and tiny so I go them pierced haha. 

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  10. theporncentre asked: your blog is amazing i can masturabate to it at times. LOVE IT and would appreciate it if you followed me.

    No problem :)

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    Anonymous asked: Hello I had a question. I am a female and I'm really insecure about my boobs. I feel like they're too small and the shape is weird. Do guys usually mind that sort of thing?

    You really shouldn’t be worrying about what others think of your body if you’re not comfortable with it yourself. Everyone is different love, you’ll be amazed at how much more confident you are about everything in life when you are confident in yourself. If you don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of you, and strut like the beautiful individual you are, life becomes so much more easier and enjoyable. Most guys don’t really even pay attention to that, they couldn’t care less. Everyone loves boobs, big small, weird shape, perky, whatever it may be. When you show confidence in your flaws, people don’t even notice and your confidence rubs off on others. So give your boobies some love! 

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    Anonymous asked: this blog turns me the fuck on. im shoving a dildo deep inside me right now and ill your gifs are making me so wet. ahh favorite blog ever *-*

    Glad to be of assistance my friend :D Enjoy!

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    Anonymous asked: from a guys perspective, would longer inner lips be unattractive? I've never had sex and I feel nervous opening up to my boyfriend bc I'm scared he will think I'm ugly and not want to have sex with me

    Well I’m not a guy so I couldn’t tell you lol. But really depends on the dude himself, everyone has their own preference. I personally think longer ones are more fun to play with xD

    Just food for thought, if he doesn’t want to have sex with you because he doesn’t like the way your vagina looks, you’re dating the wrong kind of person. 

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    Anonymous asked: whenever I masturbate I endure just only one orgasm. how can I endure more?

    Keep going lol.