1. 11:37 31st Aug 2014

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    Anonymous said: quantos anos tens???


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    Anonymous said: I just had the best orgasm of my life and I had to tell someone

    That’s great love, hope you have plenty more! :)

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    Anonymous said: what age did you start masturbating?

    First time I ever tried I was a sophomore so like 16 going on 17. 

  11. Anonymous said: why do you speak portuguese? are you from portugal?

    My mother taught me, she speaks fluently.

  12. Anonymous said: falas português? o que sabes dizer? :)

    Sim, eu falo português. Não muito, mas o suficiente para manter uma conversa.

  13. 01:14

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    Anonymous said: i have to ask. it's normal to a girl masturbate many times? do you do it?

    Of course it’s normal love. Perfectly normal. And no not really, every now and then but my boyfriend and I are like rabbits lol so he mostly takes care of my needs. 

  14. Anonymous said: speak Portuguese?


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    Anonymous said: Hey! I was wondering if there is any place where I can get porn where they are having sex on a girl's period?

    Ouuuuuu sorry love I don’t know any to my knowledge. You’ll probably have to google that kind of category.