1. 13:38 3rd Jul 2014

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    PSA.. Again

    Alright guys, I know many of you are probably super pissed at me for not posting or responding but I have literally gone through every single post as of January to try and find the post that has been redirecting you guys to random sites. Recently, it started doing so on a PC and that is never good. I have e-mailed Tumblr headquarters and I should be getting a response within a few days with some advice. I fear my only option is to delete my blog and start over :( Hopefully it doesn’t come to that so once I receive word from Tumblr, I’m hoping this will be resolved. I am working as hard as I can to save this blog so please be patient and give me a few more days. I’ll keep you guys posted.

    - Gaby

  2. PSA

    Hey guys! I know a lot of you are upset with me for not posting or answering questions but I have a reason. For some reason mobile access to the blog is being re-directed to malicious sites :’( In order to solve this issue I have to go through my archive to find the post which is taking me longer than expected. Since I have to search through my archive, the more posts I reblog the more difficult it becomes it to find. So for this whole week I WILL NOT be posting so I can find the post causing all this trouble. This is finals week for me in school as well so after this week, posting will go back to normal. 

    If any of you happen to go through my archive and find the post (it’ll be through the caption of the post) PLEASE let me know by e-mailing me at pilag0726@yahoo.com or by sending it through ask. Please I’m asking nicely do not e-mail me asking questions or submissions or just for no reason because I will report you :/ Thank you!


  3. 12:22 8th Jun 2014

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    Anonymous said: ¿eres chico o chica?


  4. 16:33 6th Jun 2014

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    Anonymous said: Have you ever posted your pictures over here, like secretly?

    No love.

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    Anonymous said: Do you speak spanish?

    Yes I do :) I speak English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese  :D

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Please. ❤️

I am not expensive!



    Please. ❤️

    I am not expensive!

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Cock Worship!
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  14. 15:51 1st Jun 2014

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    Anonymous said: Is it weird that a guy masturbates every day ?

    No, that’s pretty normal. 

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    Anonymous said: I hope im not being disrespectful but do you swallow when giving head???

    I have before but I don’t really care for it. I’d rather swallow it than it be on my face or my clothes or bed lol.